Friday, 2 September 2011

STC Technologies - STC Technologies Chennai based Software Tesing Company

STC Technologies, a Chennai-based independent third party software testing company, plans to raise Rs 20 crore to fund its future plans. STC Technologies includes setting up a 1,000-sester facility in Hyderabad and going in for acquisitions in the US and UK. 

STC Technologies have kept various options open including a private equity placement and roping in venture capital firms for mobilizing funds. We plan to utilize part of these funds to create a 1,000-seater facility in Hyderabad in the next two to three years, for which STC Technologies are currently in talks with the Andhra Pradesh government, ”Thirumal Raj, CEO of the company, told media persons here on Wednesday. 

The $5-million company opened its test lab in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad lab of STC Technologies currently has 60 employees and the company plans to accommodate over 300 testing resources within six months. Besides Hyderabad, it has offshore test labs in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai with strength of 500 employees.

The most advantageous part of STC Technologies is that the company provides the same superior quality training to aspirants all over India in all their branches and they do not have to move to the cities for training. The superior placement support provided by STC Technologies has won the hearts of IT aspirants all over India and this has taken STC Technologies to great heights to where they are now.